Church of San Giacomo Maggiore (Bologna)

Church of San Giacomo Maggiore is a Gothic church in Bologna Italy. It was built between 1267 and 1315 by the hermit Augustine Fathers and it was restored at the end of the fifteenth century.

The church was built in Renaissance style with Ghotic elements, in particularly on ogival windows. The facade features an impressive portal supported by two carved lions and the statue of San Giacomo on its top. Front facade is the oldest part of the church and has late-Romanesque proportions. Beautiful Venetian Ghotic shaped windows are decorated in white Istrian stone.The church used to had the 13th century made portico which is now inside the church after the original entrance has been modified. The complex, composed of the church and two monasteries, is bounded by the only surviving section of "Cerchia del Mille", the 11th century city walls. San Giacomo Maggiore was chosen to be the family church of powerful Bentivoglio, the lords of Bologna, whos chapel is in the interiors.

The interior of the church is a single nave with several polygonal chapels, noteworthy are Chapels of Bentivoglio and Poggi families. There are very valuable Renaissance and Baroque decorations in the interior, as well as numerous artworks by most prominent artists, such as; frescoes by Francia and Lorenzo Costa, majolica pavement by the Della Robbia workshop, artworks by Pellegrino Tibaldi, polyptych by Paolo Veneziano and the tomb of Galeazzo Bentivoglio, sculpted by Jacopo della Quercia.


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