Willowbank Wildlife Reserve (Christchurch)

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is a wildlife park and nature reserve in Christchurch, New Zealand.

As well as having public displays of various animal species it also carries out conservation of native species including tuatara, kiwi, brown teal, and duvaucel's gecko. Willowbank also holds the only pair of takahē on display in the South Island of New Zealand outside a Department of Conservation facility.

To visit Willowbank is to participate in a story. Willowbank is not just a wildlife park with a collection of exhibits - it is a holistic New Zealand wildlife experience.

Combining conservation, culture and New Zealand cuisine Willowbank is your opportunity to experience New Zealand's endangered wildlife in a natural setting.

The story begins through 'Wild New Zealand'. It starts with the impact on a fragile country of introduced species such as deer, wallabies, and a host of other animals, birds and plants, many of whom have altered the landscape and biota drastically. These lessons may have been hard and costly, but it is important that we learn from them, and make the most of managing the resources that make up our new but rich environment.


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