Rethymno (Crete)

Rethymnon is Crete’s third-largest town and one of the most well-preserved Venetian old towns on the island of Crete. Its 16th-century buildings are stunning examples of ancient architecture, and the monolithic Fortezza reflects both European and Moorish influences.

Rethymno is one of the most picturesque, with a charming harbour and massive Venetian fortress. Rethymno's harbour area is a fine place for a coffee at one of the cafes. The Fortress dominates the city and makes Rethymno very photogenic, its pedestrian streets below, strewn with charming old buildings. Venetian influences abound and the minarets and domed mosques remind of the Turkish influence long gone.

Explore the magical waterfalls, rock formations, and ‘"cave church" of Saint Anthony Gorge before taking a pleasant evening stroll along the colorful Venetian Harbor. The delightful Venetian-Ottoman quarter is a maze of narrow streets, graceful wood-balconied houses and ornate Venetian monuments, with minarets adding a touch of the Orient.


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