Treasury of the Athens (Delphi)

The Athenian Treasury at Delphi was constructed by the Athenians to house dedications made by their city and citizens to the sanctuary of Apollo. The entire treasury, including its sculptural decoration, is built of Parian marble; its date of construction is disputed, scholarly opinion ranging from 510 to 480 BC. Pausanias mentions the building in his account of the sanctuary, claiming that it was dedicated from the spoils of the Battle of Marathon, fought in 490 BC.

This is the only treasury still standing in Delphi. It is because of the restauration executed by the French School, with the financial contrubtion of the city of Athens between 1903 and 1906.

It was built as Doric distyle, 6m x 10m in size, and made of white marble. In the metopes (these incorporated in the building are cast and the original ones are in the museum) are the sculptures representing the feats of Hercules (north and west side), of Theseus (south side), and the Amazonomachy (east side). On the wall are about 150 inscriptions, many of them commemorating Athenian victories at Pythian games.


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