Palazzo Tursi Genoa (Genoa)

Palazzo Doria Tursi is the most impressive among those of Strada Nuova (now Via Garibaldi). In 1820 the building was purchased by the Savoy, then became the seat of the Jesuit College, and finally in 1848 the building was purchased by the city, which will transfer the Town Hall.

It is a great example of a Renaissance Genovese palazzo, designed by Giovanni and Domenico Ponsello in the mid 16th century for Niccol├▓ Grimaldi, known as the "Monarca" on account of his immense fortune. After Grimaldi's financial ruin, the palazzo was acquired by Giovanni Andrea Doria, the Duke of Tursi, and nephew to the great Admiral.

The interesting facade, with stonework by Finale and grotesques by T. Carlone, the impressive entrance stairway, the galleried hall, the two side hanging gardens have all made this a wonderful location for the Genovese town council. Inside, in the Syndicate Office, there are several letters signed by Colombus: the "Codice dei privilegi" conceded to the explorer by Spanish royal command, and an urn containing some of his ashes, found in Santo Domingo in 1887.

In addition, there is the famous Paganini violin, a Guarnieri del Ges├╣ from 1742, which is played once a year by the winner of the competition for young violinists, the "Premio Paganini", which takes place in October along with the celebrations for Colombus.


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