East Alligator region (Kakadu National Park)

The East Alligator River is approximately 160 km long. After rising in the northern part of the Arnhem Land Plateau, it flows with tributary streams towards the north-west through magnificent canyons towards the Van Diemen Gulf which it meets at Point Farewell.

In the shadow of the magnificent Arnhem Land escarpment, discover rainforest, stone country, rock art, extensive floodplains and the beautiful East Alligator River. The East Alligator area features some of the best rock art in the park and has several bushwalks to explore.

Located in the north of the park, Ubirr is one of Kakadu's three most famous rock art galleries. The 5 main art sites at Ubirr can be reached by following an easy 1 km circular walking track. Among the sandstone outliners are richly painted rock walls that record battles, food animals, dangers and mythical beings believed by 'Bininj' (the local language name used by Aboriginal people of the region to describe themselves) to dwell within the landscape. Many different styles of art can be seen here ranging in age from about 10,000 years ago to the most recent being less than 100 years.


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