Schwanenplatz Swan Square (Lucerne)

Schwanenplatz (Swan's Square), situated on the right shore of Lake Lucerne/River Reuss next to the main highway bridge, is the classical starting point for visits to the old downtown Lucerne.

The square itself is quite busy with traffic, but as soon as you go into the small streets of downtown Lucerne, you will enjoy the advantages of the pedestrian zone. From the busy square it's only a few steps into the Old Town, a pedestrians-only urban gem with frescoed ancient guild houses and smart shops.

In earlier centuries the town ended here with a wall and a gate, and the famous wooden Chapel Bridge, now ending here, had a second part leading over shallow water to Hof Church where you now can walk under chestnut trees along the new lake shore. Both bridges were part of the fortifications. Today, there is only one tower left at Schwanenplatz. Other parts of the fortifications, namely the Musegg Wall on the north side of the medieval town, have been preserved.


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