Calanque du Sugiton (Marseille)

The Calanque de Sugiton is one of the numerous calanques located between Marseille and Cassis. A small beach can be found at the extremity of the calanque.

While quite small, Sugiton is perhaps the most known of all Marseille Calanques, simply because it can be easily accessed by hikers, starting from Luminy University Campus, and because it is open to tourists even during hot season, unlike most Calanques. In fact during summer most of the Calanques are closed because of high fire risk.

The GR 98 links Marseille, leaving from Calanque de Callelongue, to Cassis, around an 11-hour walk. There are several possibilities for various length hikes. The easiest Calanque to access without a private vehicle is Calanque de Sugiton. To get there take bus 21 from La Canebière, in front of the Monoprix store, in the direction of Luminy and get off at the terminus. From there follow the walking path (around a 45 minute walk).

The tour visit of sugiton calanque in boat offers to eyes a gorgeous show : at the foot of a huge arc of cliffs, pines are extending their reach plume up to a small cove of deep clear waters, the configuration of the sugiton calanque gives to this place a preserved aspect. Protected by the torpilleur island, sugiton leaves you that impression to visit the calanques in their secret and privacy. Throw anchors with bleue attractions, for an outstanding visit and relaxation.


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