Rothenburg Town Hall Rathaus (Rothenburg)

In the Market Squre of Rothenburg stands the imposing Town Hall (Rathaus), one of the finest in South Germany. It has an older Gothic section from 1240 and a newer Renaissance structure facing the square.

The new Rathaus, built in 1572 to replace the portion destroyed in the fire, is decorated with intricate friezes, an oriel extending the building's full height, and a large stone portico opening onto the square. The octagonal tower at the center of the side facing the square contains a grand staircase leading to the upper hall. On the main floor is the large courtroom.

From the 50m (160-ft.) tower of the Gothic hall is a great view of the town. The tower was first used as a sentry's lookout, but after a fire destroyed the Gothic hall's twin (where the Renaissance hall now stands) in 1501, it became a lookout for fire. Guards rang the bell every quarter-hour to prove that they were awake and on the job. It costs €1 and takes 241 steps to get up. At the top of the tower, an admission fee of 2 euros is charged to enter the room with a scenic view of almost the entire town. The room also contains manuscripts providing the visitor with historical information about the construction and relevant history of the city wall.


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