Musee Secq des Tournelles (Rouen)

Address: 2 rue Jacques Villon
Phone: 02 35 88 42 92
Price: adult/child €3/2
Hours: 10am-1pm & 2-6pm Wed-Mon

Located just behind the Beaux Arts museum, this collection of items made of iron was interesting because of the variety. Inside a desanctified Flamboyant Gothic church built in the early 1500s, this excellent museum is devoted to the blacksmith's craft. Displays include some 5000 wrought-iron items made between the 3rd and 19th centuries, including hanging shop signs, lots of locks and keys, and an elaborate choir grille from 1202.

This little-known museum is housed in a de-consecrated Church and displays an exceptional array of antique ironwork. There are intricate 18th century wrought iron shop ensigns that hang from brackets; there are wonderful kitchen utensils, elaborate locks and keys - but the thing that most fascinated is the cast iron jewellery.

This compact museum, housed in one of Rouen’s many dilapidated former churches, proved to be much more interesting. Billed as a museum of “wrought ironwork”. The museum contains thousands of objects, neatly and professionally displayed and labelled, covering a vast range of metal objects. They range from a complete ornate staircases banister to a large medieval doornail, taking in along the way keys and locks, ornamental plates, tools, toolmakers’ tools, scissors, sewing kits, cooking equipment, toys, hinges, weaponry, even a handbag or two – and that is very far from a complete list. The interest of the museum stems from the sheer diversity of the designs, and it must be impossible to walk around it without being fascinated by the ornate designs of the 15th, 16th and other centuries.


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