Plaza Mayor Salamanca (Salamanca)

The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain is a large plaza located in the center of Salamanca, used as a public square. It is considered the heart of Salamanca and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful plazas in Spain.

Construction of the plaza began in 1729 and was completed in 1755. Felipe the V ordered the construction of the plaza to be used for bullfighting and was designed by the Churriguera family in sandstone. It had been used for bullfighting up until the mid-19th century, one hundred years after being completed.

The Plaza Mayor was built in the traditional Spanish baroque style and is a popular gathering area. Its Baroque style architecture of the 18th century, includes Spanish decorations of cut tablets, equilateral arches and four levels. It is lined by restaurants, ice cream parlors, tourist shops, jewelry stores and a pharmacy along its perimeter except in front of the city hall.


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