Forte de Sao Filipe (Setubal Palmela Sesimbra)

The Forte de Sao Filipe, also known as Castle of San Felipe, is a fortress located in a dominant position on a hill, opposite the city of Setubal. From the castle, you have magnificent views of Setubal, the Serra da Rabida, the Troia Peninsula, and the delta of the Sado River.

The Forte de Sao Filipe was built in the 16th century by Philip II of Spain (later Philip I of Portugal). The beginning of the works date from 1582 and its purpose was to defend the setubalenses borough. The plan of the construction works were entrusted to Filipe Terzi, an Italian architect.

Following the beginnings of the military architecture of that time, where the artillery had an increasingly important role in the war arts, the Forte de Sao Filipe presents a starry form of six points in which the walls form some very sharpened vertexes. This defense line is surrounded by a moat. On the landside arises a second wall, external to the first and the moat. Another defense work, in rectangular form, long and with bulwarks, faces the sea.


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