Park Natural da Arrabida (Setubal Palmela Sesimbra)

Park Natural da Arrabida stretches along the southeastern coast of the Setubal Peninsula from Setubal to Sesimbra, covering the 35km-long Serra da Arrabida mountain ridge. It has incomparable natural beauty, where the blue of the sea alternates with the white tones of the chalk cliffs and the depths of the green vegetation that covers the mountain range.

One of the main attractions of the Park is the wealth of its indigenous vegetation. One of the rare examples of Mediterranean maquis in Portugal can be found here, and its preservation was one of the reasons which led the Arrabida zone to be considered as a genuine international scientific relic.

The action of the sea against the mountains has originated a line of beaches characterised by fine sand and transparent waters, that we might otherwise believe could only be found in the Mediterranean, such as Figueirinha, Galapos and the Portinho da Arrabida.

Local honey is delicious, especially that produced in the gardens of the whitewashed, red-roofed Convento da Arrabida, a 16th-century former monastery overlooking the sea just north of Portinho. Another famous product is Azeitao ewe’s cheese, with a characteristic flavour that owes much to lush Arrabida pastures and a variety of thistle used in the curdling process.


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Portugal - Setubal Palmela Sesimbra

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Park Natural da Arrabida
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