Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum (Verona)

The Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum were a highlight of our time in Italy. The theater was built in the 1st century BC. After a few centuries, it was no longer used and starting in the 10th century AD, houses, a church and a convent were built on top of the theater. In time the theater was completely hidden. In the 19th century, the hill was purchased and turned into a archeological site which was excavated from 1834 to 1914.

The theater was discovered in the 19th century by a businessman who bought the land to develop, but decided he was more interested in finding Roman ruins. He was amply rewarded. The original marble floor of the orchestra pit was uncovered, along with the rows of stone seats. These days the theater is a popular outdoor concert venue.

On the hill above in the ex-convent of San Gerolamo (15th century) is the Archeological Museum. Along with a wealth of Roman artefacts found all over Verona such as coins, mosaics, sculpture, etc., the museum has a great view over the river and the city.


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